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In this section there is the list of early carrier researchers who have attended or are attending a V-MUST MOBILITY PROGRAM. More info on the program and on the calls can be found HERE.

Mobility blogs

carlotta.capurro's picture

Carlotta Capurro

  • Italian, @ Visual Dimension, Ename (Belgium)
  • Period: november, 19 2012 - march, 1 2013
  • Profile: Degree in Art history and valorization of the cultural heritage  (University of Genova). Skilled in 3D modelling and interested in Art History and Conservation of the Heritage, Virtual Museums and Serious Games, Didactic aim of new media, Impact on the society.
comebab's picture

Barbara Dal Bianco

  • Italian, @ King's College London (UK)
  • Period: January 13 - April 8, 2013
  • Profile: Artist/Researcher. Former researcher in chemistry for the cultural heritage at Padua University, where she worked on the weathering of ancient glass. Currently student in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. Her artistic project is in the Art+Science field.
elzayat.mohamed's picture

Mohamed El-Zayat

  • Egyptian, @Fraunhofer Institute IGD, Darmstadt (Germany).
  • Period: 1 February - 15 March 2013.
  • Profile: Bachelor and Master of science in information technology. Professional 3D modeler and programmer with an interest in 3D programming, game design and development, virtual and augmented reality.
sanfasal's picture

Santiago Fabado Salvador

  • Spanish, @ CNR ITABC, Rome (Italy)
  • Period: 1 october - 3 december 2012
  • Profile: Technical Engineer in Topography, he is currently part of the research team GIFLE in Valencia Spain (Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Research Group) from the UPV 
daniele.ferdani's picture

Daniele Ferdani

  • Italian, @ University of Lund (Sweden)
  • Period: March – May 2013
  • Profile: Archaeologist, expert in 3d and procedural modelling. Interested in Dense Stereo Matching in Archaeology and its use for Virtual Museums. Fellow Researcher at CNR ITABC in Rome (IT).
Bianca.Gockel's picture

Bianca Gockel

  • German, @ Lund University (Sweden) and CNR ITABC, Rome (Italy)
  • Period: october- 23 november 2012
  • Profile: Bachelor of Science (Hochschule Fulda). She is employee at the Fraunhofer IGD. Has an interest in Usability/UX of Virtual Museums.
yaarailan's picture

Ya’ara Ilan

  • Israelian, @ CNR ITABC, Rome (Italy)
  • Period: November – December 2012
  • Profile: Bachelor in Archaeology, Master of Arts - Archaeology and Anthropology (Ben Gurion University). Interested in Game design for cultural heritage.

Bojan Kerous

guido.lucci.baldassari's picture

Guido Lucci Baldassari

  • Italian, @ Fraunhofer Institute IGD, Darmstadt (Germany)
  • Period: 8 october – 8 december 2012
  • Profile: Information and automation engineer (University of Ferrara), with an interest in 3d programming, 3d acquisition techniques, virtual reality and augmented reality. Grant holder at CNR ITABC in Rome (Italy)
mtatjana's picture

Tatjana Mijatović

  • Sarajevo @ Visual Dimension, Oudenaarde (Belgium)
  • Period: November 2012 – August 2013
  • Profile: Bachelor in Architecture, Engeener, she works at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the documentation section. 
dries_no's picture

Dries Nollet

  • Belgium, @ CNR ITABC Rome (Italy)
  • Period: January - February 2013
  • Profile: Bachelor in multimedia and communication technology (University HOWEST Kortrijk). Interested in 3D reconstruction and visualisation(CG Animations, movie effects, recontructions, historical, games).
caterinapaola.venditti's picture

Caterina Paola Venditti

  • Italian, @ CNR ITABC Rome (Italy) [no grant]
  • Period: December 2012 – March 2013
  • Profile: Archaeologist (University of Cassino) expert in GIS and ancient topography. Interested in 3d development and virtual museums. Employee at the Italian Cultural Heritage Ministry (MIBAC) at the Oriental Art Museum.
valeria.vitale's picture

Valeria Vitale

  • Italian, @ King's College London (UK)
  • Period: october 1, 2012 january 9, 2013
  • Profile: Italian Digital Humanist. Have worked for years in the use of multi- and hyper- media technologies to promote cultural heritage. Currently, she is investigating the potentialities of 3D visualisation in public engagement.

European Union Seventh Framework is a Network of Excellence. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under the Grant Agreement 270404.