V-MusT.net is a Network of Excellence, funded by the European FP7 Network of Excellence (Grant Agreement 270404), focused on Virtual Museums. It aims to provide the heritage sector with the tools and support to develop Virtual Museums that are educational, enjoyable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. V-MUST.NET, coordinated by CNR, is participated by 18 partners, coming from 13 different Countries and more than 100 Associated Members. The project is developed in 4 years (1st of February 2011 - 31st of January 2015).

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There are still no activities of this type.

Virtual Museums

World Wonders - From the archaeological areas of Pompeii to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Google’s World Wonders Project aims to bring to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world.
Vatican Museums Collections Online is the Virtual online Tour of the Vatican Museums


This is my first v-must blog post!
Landscape Archaeology is a crucial topic, fundamental to understand any site.


On the 23 September 2014, after 2000 years from Augustus death, 13 countries will meet in Rome,...

The Rome 320 AD application blends graphics, narratives, videos and breathtaking 3D animations to bring the eternal city to life like...


There are still no activities of this type.


Keys To Rome exhibition and Digital Museum Expo have been presented to the press in

Livia's villa is a very important suburban roman villa, connected to the history of one of the most famous imperial families.


This deliverable lists information about competences that are useful for the virtual museum domain and lists applications

A Next Generation Virtual Museum Event (NGVME) was planned by V-MUST.NET since the beginning as a final event to be orga

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European Union Seventh Framework

V-MusT.net is a Network of Excellence. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under the Grant Agreement 270404.