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News area presents the information that are published and distributed through the v-must Newsletter, including most important news in V-MUST, testbeds, technological observatory, last information on other project, events. Etc.


News from the Network:

11 July 2014 Keys to Rome. The city of Augustus - Press Conference

On the 23 September 2014, after 2000 years from Augustus death, 13 countries will meet in Rome, Amsterdam, Alexandria and Sarajevo, for the opening of an extraordinary exhibition, Keys to Rome: an original interactive journey to discover the city of Augustus and the Roman Empire, seen and experienced from its four corners, four fascinating venues, four cities on Roman culture.

"Keys To Rome" is a unique international exhibition, that, for the first time ever the 23rd of september, will be organized in parallel in four...
10 June 2014 Add Rome320AD app [2014] in Virtual Museums

The Rome 320 AD application blends graphics, narratives, videos and breathtaking 3D animations to bring the eternal city to life like never before.    It is the year 320 and the Roman Empire is at its peak. At its heart stands the city of Rome, home to a huge number of incredible monuments including the Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Theatre of Pompey.    'Rome 320 AD' allows you to explore these and many other iconic locations on a single summer's day via hotspots that include historic information, 3D animations, images, videos, and an ongoing story that follows four...

5 May 2014 Added new Virtual museums

Livia's Villa web3d

Apa Game

Virtual Rome 2.0

5 May 2014 PRESS - "Keys To Rome" presented in Sarajevo [16 Apr 2014]
Keys To Rome exhibition and Digital Museum Expo have been presented to the press in Sarajevo, at University, the 16th of April 2014.
In many aspects of our lives, digital is the normal. When we phone, photograph, communicate or pay, we use digital tools and equipment, providing us unprecedented quality and additional functionalities. The same holds for museums, monuments and sites. Digital technologies can make the difference when understanding and enjoying cultural heritage. This will be proven by an innovative exhibition called Keys to Rome. This exhibition,...
14 April 2014 Keys to Rome Website
Keys to Rome is a unique international exhibition on Roman culture that will launch simultaneously in Rome, Sarajevo, Amsterdam and Alexandria on September 23, 2014.
The exhibition uses immersive technology to present and connect these regional cultures within the Roman Empire, highlighting their diversity and commonality over centuries of Roman rule.
Keys To Rome is an exhibition like no other. Combining real artefacts, restored 3D objects and beautiful virtual environments, visitors can travel back in time to search for lost objects and...
3 April 2014 Opening "Villa Livia Reloaded project" at Museo Nazionale Romano
In 2013, ITABC - CNR, in collaboration with the Soprintendenza Speciale ai Beni Archeologici di Roma, E.V.O.CA. s.r.l. and the european network of excellence, has updated  the "Virtual Museum of the Ancient Via Flaminia" project (2006 - 2008), focusing mainly on Livia's Villa, one of the most important site among the ones previously studied and documented. Starting from digital acquisition on the field, both the archaeological landscape and the actual site have been modeled in 3D, together with the...
12 March 2014 Italian Virtual Heritage School: Virtual Archaeology 2014
The 6TH ITALIAN SCHOOL OF VIRTUAL ARCHAEOLGY will be organised by CNR ITABC and CNR ISTI, in cooperation with CINECA and University of Padova, and will be hosted by “Parco della Valle dei Templi” in Agrigento ( The school originates from the "Virtual Archaeology" national school, organized in 2009-2011 by CNR ITABC and University of Padova. From 2011 the School is part of the VIRTUAL HERITAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PROGRAM organized by the European Project V-MUST.NET , that connects 5 different national schools (...
3 March 2014 Add new Virtual Museum - TIMEMAPS
Through joining science and art, the TimeMaps project highlights certain lesser known archaeological sites, and offers new interpretations of other, better known, locations thus enhancing the observers’ perception of the Past.
4 February 2014 Check the activities schedule for 2014

The V-MusT network organises and hosts a range of activities including conferences, workshops, training sessions and exhibitions. Members of the network also frequently participate in specific workshops and meetings.


4 February 2014 ETRUSCANNING: the book - Digital Encounters with the Regolini Galassi Tomb
Available on line (also on Academia.Edu) the Book on Etruscanning Project: Etruscanning - Digital Encounters with the Regolini Galassi Tomb by Wimi Hupperetz, Director of the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam.

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