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Model annotation for AR

Annotation management

Hello everyone. As a I said in the last blog post, I've recieved a new task, to extend the capabilities of an existing web tool for annotating 3D models, to be displayed to the end user when viewing the AR content.The following features were needed:

  1. Upload audio and video content related to a point of interest on the model.
  2. The information about the annotations (i.e. point of interest), should be saved.
  3. Add a display list of currently existing annotations on the 3D model, and highlight them when selected.
  4. Ability to delete annotations if needed.

The following screenshot shows a list of annotations (at the bottom left), with a highlighted red sphere denoting that the annotation picked from the list is the one highlighted on the 3D model.


European Union Seventh Framework is a Network of Excellence. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under the Grant Agreement 270404.