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V-Must Executive Board
Sofia Pescarin, CNR ITABC

Researcher at National Council of Researches, coordinator, Scientific Director of Archeovirtual, Director of the School of Virtual Archaeology.

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Sofia Pescarin
Giorgos Giannoulis, Foundation of the Hellenic World

Head of the project’s Coordination Department at FHW. Expert in economy and social sciences. Coordinator of infrastructure project such as Tholos and Theatron at FHW.

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Sorin Hermon, Cyprus Institute

Research coordinator at CyI. Expert in theory and applied research on the use of visualization methods (mainly VR and 3D modelling) 

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Sorin Hermon
Luigi Calori, CINECA, Bologna, Italy

Senior technologists at CINECA. Expert in visualization in astrophysics, haptic interfaces, landscape and geographic data visualization, browser embedded 3d applications. 

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Luigi Calori
Holger Graf, Fraunhofer Institute fur Graphische Datenverarbeitung

Researcher. In 2009 deputy head within the area of 3D reconstruction, interaction. Expert in collaborative engineering, AR, simulated reality, new interaction methods and efficient methodologies for real time finite element calculations in interactive 3D environments.

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Holger Graf
Andrew Prescott, King's Visualisation Lab, KCL

Andrew Prescott was from 1979-2000 a Curator in the Department of Manuscripts at the British Library, where he acted as British Library co-ordinator for a number of digital projects, including most notably Electronic Beowulf, edited by Kevin S Kiernan of the University of Kentucky.  From 2000-2007 he was Director of the Centre for Research into Freemasonry in the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Sheffield. He has also worked at the University of Wales Lampeter and University of Glasgow. He has served on the advisory boards of many digital humanities projects in Britain and America.

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Andrew Prescott
Wim Hupperetz, Allan Pierson Museum, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Director. Heritage specialist in the field of museology, cultural landscape and urban environment focused on multidisciplinary approach and ICT applications. 

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Wim Hupperetz
Daniel Pletinckx, Visual Dimension, Ename, Belgium

Engineer. Head of Visual Dimension. Experienced in system design, quality assurance, digital image processing and synthesis, 3D and virtual reality through a career of 15 years in private industry.

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Museum Advisory Board
Sheila Dooley, Dublinia and the Viking World

Curator education officer at Dublinia 

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Mauro Felicori, Bologna City Museum, Italy.

Mauro Felicori is chief of the Cultural Area in Bologna City Council and director of Bologna City Museums. Until 1993 he has been director of different services: policies for youth, cultural affairs, relationship between the City Council and the University, membership in Eurocities. From 1993 to 1999 he has been Chief of Mayor's Cabinet, taking care of Bologna European City of Culture 2000 and Jubilee. From 2000 to 2006 he was in charge of cemeteries as cultural heritage and was the founder president of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (Medal in the Europa Nostra Awards 2007); as project leader of the Museum of Resistance he was involved in the field of Memory as Heritage, running experience of application of ICT & Culture. Again director of the Cultural Area from 2007, he took care of gathering civic museums and civic libraries in two institutions, and was nominated as director for their start up. He has published books and essays about policies for youth, urban cultural planning and cultural heritage.

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European Union Seventh Framework is a Network of Excellence. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under the Grant Agreement 270404.