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This deliverable represents the first iteration of an extensive activity devoted to the integration of Virtual Heritage and Virtual Museums topics into the academic curriculum, starting with V-MUST partners.   

High quality higher education is one of the primary foundations for Europe's success. For this reason one of the main objectives of WP6 staks (Task 6.3: Educational Programme) is to propose an European Higher Education Programme (masters, graduate and post-graduate) in Virtual Museums and Virtual Heritage. The creation of the first such academic programme in the world devoted specifically to this subject would put Europe in a position of advantage over other countries and ensure not only the present but also in the future the existence of a sufficient number of European experts in this field. To achieve this objective an internal Interest Group (HEPIG: Higher Education Programme Interest Group) and Network of Higher Educational Centres will be created (task 6.3.1).

This Group will have the mission of creating a Higher Education Strategy document (task 6.3.2), defining the best way to create a European High Education System in VMs at all levels in the Higher Education Sector. This will include:

  • the identification of appropriate educational objectives, audiences and scope;

  • describe the programmes and teaching units;

  • prepare plans for teaching learning contents;

  • define criteria and assessment instruments;

  • programming the temporal organization of educational activities

  • establish methods for evaluating the quality of the courses.

Through the V-MOVE (the mobility programme) and V-MUSTer SCHOOLS (the educational programme), it will be explored feasible modes of implementation of such programmes amongst the academic and research partners of the project:

  1. Through the Virtual Heritage Schools programs, it will be intended as international collaborations between the partners, towards an eventual European degree in VM studies.

  2. Through the V-MOVE programme to promote mobility at European level, and, given its innovative aspect, attracting young researchers to Europe.

  3. Through the newly established CenterNet Europe.


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European Union Seventh Framework is a Network of Excellence. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under the Grant Agreement 270404.