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This section presents blogs belonging to V-MUST internship attendants and to V-MUST testbeds under development.


Just getting started!

Hello everyone, and greetings from the magnificent Fraunhofer IGD. First of all, I thought that the blog posts which I’m required to write, should be only about the advancement I made in the project. However, after talking with prof. Holger Graf, he told me that I have to write as well about my experience… I could write about the landlord lady if I would like to. I laughed about it, and I told him: “I will write on the blog that you told me to write about the landlord lady”, he laughed and said “Why not?

Let's talk about work: the "Behind Livia's Villa" project.

This post is about one of the two projects I will try to carry on during my mobility program. "Behind Livia's Villa" is an experiment in which we try to get back to a second life, some data-assets from a dismissed VM(virtual museum)-application, trying to re-use them in an online 3D application. We already achieved some results, but the whole product needs a lot of improvements, particularly from a user-perspective.

A quick introduction: something about the place.

Second impact! Despite what people (from Darmstadt) says, I really like Darmstadt. Is near to one of the biggest and most interesting german cities (FK), but smaller and easier to live in. Public transports are good mostly as in any other german city, and a lot better than in Rome (but this is just a personal opinion).

A quick introduction: something about me.

Last Name: Lucci BaldassariFirst Name: Guido I am a Computer science and automation engineer, and I have a background in 3D programming and computer graphics. I am currently a member of the VHLab group at CNR-ITABC (, where I'm working as software developer, but also trying to help in many different fields, from electronic to system administration.
Flaminia Reloaded

Flaminia first test post



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