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This section presents blogs belonging to V-MUST internship attendants and to V-MUST testbeds under development.


Final update

Hello everyone,This is my final post detailing the last update for the 3D annotation managment system that I've put together.After I rewritten the tool for placing 3D annotations and rendering them, I've also rewritten the algorithm for managing the rendering of 3D annotaions. Now there is the ability to filter the annotaions up to n-sides. The user is able to input the number of sides (0 to n), and the annotation manager takes care of filtering and organizing the rendering based on user's position with respect to the model.

Improving the floating 3D annotation and getting it on the iPad

Hello everyone,I've been working lately on improving the solution for floating 3D annotations. Currently I've attached to each floating annotation a small rectangle where the text will fit in. The rectangle is automatically resized based on the text size. Also currently it is possible to filter the 3D annotations based on the camera position up to 8 separate areas (and it could be easily increased if needed).

3D floating annotations

Hello everyone, After discussing with the magnificent team here at Fraunhofer IGD, about representation of annotations, and introducing a generalized solution for creating and positioning them in 3D space.

Model annotation for AR

Hello everyone. As a I said in the last blog post, I've recieved a new task, to extend the capabilities of an existing web tool for annotating 3D models, to be displayed to the end user when viewing the AR content.The following features were needed:

Initial steps

Hello everyone,As a first task, I had to familiarize myself with X3DOM. And I always like learning by example, so I spent almost a week making a complete Solar System demo, including star field background (as skybox of course), with a button to show and hid the orbits.This is a simplist example possible, but it hits on several points which were useful for the upcoming tasks that I worked on:


European Union Seventh Framework is a Network of Excellence. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under the Grant Agreement 270404.